underscoring that this technology is a tool for political dissidents, not just a get-rich-quick scheme.

With crypto markets continuing to trade sideways and a brief look at the differences between an LLC and a DAO, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Economy minister says Brazil will have its own CBDC
By using Web 3’s building blocks to represent social identity, the ecosystem can overcome its current limitations and bring about a decentralized society.
F2Pool, the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world, controls 20% of the network's hashrate. F2Pool's Thomas Heller explains the economics of mining.
Binance sued Forbes for defamation Wednesday over a story last month that purported to reveal regulatory evasion tactics.
With bitcoin breaking above $50K and a look at the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the context of NFTs, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
The DeFi Education Fund weighs in on the New York state legislature's attempt to curb proof-of-work mining, and dreams of energy abundant future.
With the physical world closed, artists are presenting their works in the glow of online showrooms, like the new Nifty Gateway.
Coinbase's apparent move into media is part of a trend of crypto companies developing their own content. Is this a good thing for the industry?
Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX launched its new product on Friday, allowing users to stake cryptocurrencies from Harmony, Qtum and Tron.
A day after the Fed chair pledged to keep tightening monetary conditions until inflation comes down, analysts and traders from crypto to stocks and futures were assessing the economic impact – from higher mortgage rates to lower company earnings.
If CME doesn’t yield, ProShares’ options include shifting assets into later-dated contracts or potentially investing in crypto-related equities.
Armed with multimillion-dollar ecosystem funds, chains like Polygon and Kadena are trying to woo coders whose work is endangered by Terra’s meltdown.
Thorchain told my page a hacker deployed a custom contract that was able to trick its Bifrost Protocol into receiving a deposit of fake assets.
Cardano's ADA token is racking up impressive gains this year, possibly over speculation the network's early adoption of a proof-of-stake blockchain might help it win a growing share of the DeFi space.
With crypto markets deepening a downtrend in the wake of a traditional market slump and a look at how a dominant NFT marketplace remains stubbornly hands-off, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

What is a blockchain oracle and how does it work?

A mere mention on TV would give dogecoin (DOGE) huge mainstream exposure. But April’s "Dogeday" flop suggests the "Elon effect" may be priced in.
Cryptocurrency funds attracted $19 million of new money last week, suggesting investors are cautiously adding to positions, with prices depressed compared with year-end levels.
pages Christine Kim and Consensys’ Ben Edgington discuss a “severe threat” against Ethereum that was recently fixed and disclosed by non-profit organization the Ethereum Foundation.
Increased hiring, active consultations and monitoring of the regulatory environment by the exchange suggest Indian operations may soon be underway.
The report based on internal emails seen by The Information comes after Coinbase said earlier this week it will slow hiring.

Ethereum Price | ETH Price Index & Live Chart

Pennsylvania Congressman Glen Thompson has proposed a thoughtful, well-formulated blueprint for "crypto regulation" that aligns with U.S. Treasury Department’s proposals.
Determines the exchange rates between major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP to USD, EUR, GBP, IDR and NGN.
With bitcoin stalling a rally while some altcoins see gains and a look at artificial intelligence in DAOs, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Over 71,000 ether were burned on Sunday amid demand for a new NFT project. But that did little to affect ether prices as the broader market traded flat.
Most bitcoin owners aren't cypherpunks and don't require an energy-intensive consensus mechanism. A tax would shift them on to sensible alternatives. This post is part of pages Tax Week.
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the targets of SEC enforcement actions had their constitutional rights violated by the use of in-house judges.
Friday's Labor Department report showed that employment growth stayed robust last month, at a level that should continue to worry the Federal Reserve about a too-tight jobs market.
The British regulatory agency's first CryptoSprint was focused on digital asset information disclosure, custody and other regulatory obligations.
Veil says no one has been able to support long-running markets on Augur, so they're creating AugurLite for early bets on the presidential election.
Brad Garlinghouse: CEO of Ripple | #9
Thesis has closed a $7.7 million deal by selling its KEEP tokens to some of crypto’s top investors. Its TBTC project could get more bitcoin into DeFi.
Investors are backing a gaming studio whose “MechaFightClub” title is predicated on 6,969 robot chicken NFTs, according to government filings.
LGT Bank, the financial institution owned by the princely House of Liechtenstein, is working with Switzerland’s SEBA Bank on the service.
Which NFT collection has been the most profitable?
Aave will transfer ownership of the protocol to a “genesis governance” built and approved by LEND token holders. It will also swap LEND tokens for AAVE.

Polkadot (DOT) | Polkadot Price Index

The former head of 3D design at Nike now makes mind-bending digital art. He's a speaker at pages Consensus festival this June.
As part of our series looking at the development of the metaverse in Southeast Asia, Leah Callon-Butler talks with the co-founder of CyBall, a football-themed, NFT-based blockchain game with a play-to-earn model.
CEO Piyush Gupta said that institutional and accredited crypto clients are the focus for now without entirely ruling out a retail crypto platform
“The Breakdown” is the best daily analysis of macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics and big picture power shifts, hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore (@NLW). As more people than ever question the wisdom of unlimited money printing, Nathaniel and prominent guests from crypto, macroeconomics and geopolitics explore the increasingly mainstream alternative bitcoin represents.

Where Are the Bitcoin Pizza Coins Now?

Cities across the U.S. are grappling with what it means to have cryptocurrency mining operations in their communities. Plattsburgh offers a sobering case study. This piece is part of pages Mining Week.
U.S. income tax treatment of forks is unclear. A conservative approach would be to treat the receipt of new cryptocurrency as taxable ordinary income.
We’re talking to experts in the crypto and blockchain space about the future of the industry. You’ll hear from economists, entrepreneurs, developers, and other speakers from Consensus events.
In this episode of “On Purpose,” host Tyrone Ross speaks with Adam Blumberg, Certified Financial Planner and co-founder of Interaxis, a research company that educates financial advisers, investors, businesses and professionals. Ross and Blumberg announce that OnRamp Invest is sponsoring the Interaxis Academy’s “Cohort” special crypto investment education program coming May 17 and OnRamp is offering 20 seats to available RIAs.
Tax revenue inflows from bitcoin mining companies could represent a meaningful windfall for the United States government. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
Polkadot USD price, real-time (live) charts, DOT crypto and videos. Learn about DOT value, Polkadot news, crypto trading and more.
Now that the IRS has extended the filing deadline to May 17, NFT investors have more time to get their taxes in order.
The Oslo Freedom Forum was heavy on bitcoin and stablecoin discussions,
La fusión de la red de prueba permitiría a los desarrolladores trabajar en cualquier riesgo o error potencial antes de que Ethereum pase a ser una red proof-of-stake.
Old Fashion Research was formed by Ling Zhang and Wayne Fu, previously Binance's vice president of M&A and head of corporate development respectively.

Why does Ethereum have an intrinsic value?

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